10 Unique Michigan Rentals That Will Get You Booked ASAP

Michigan has the most extensive coastline in the country, which is interesting because it does not border any seas or oceans. Its 3000 mile coastline borders Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Superior. It offers some of the most breathtaking views for cabins, rentals and general tourism in the country. Tourists will enjoy renting in Michigan and learning about its heritage. Here are 10 unique rentals to consider.

ten Ellsworth Beach and Lake Cabin

Visitors looking for rentals near a lake and beach will appreciate this beautiful cabin near Rocky Top Farms around Ellsworth. The property is pet-friendly, a unique feature as families won’t have to seek temporary shelter. The rental remains open in all seasons, making it ideal for vacationers looking to stay for weeks or months. The loft allows guests to observe the night sky above the lake. Included features include a kitchen, firewood storage and modern furnishings. Getting to Torch Lake only takes a few minutes, which is ideal for guests looking to go boating.

  • Cost:

  • Location:
    Elsworth, Mich.

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9 Chalet on the shore of Lake Jeanne

This cottage is located near Townline Lake. It provides guests with a fantastic vacation experience, especially in spring or fall. It is well furnished with modern fittings inside and out. Guests will enjoy various amenities such as air conditioning, modern stoves, fridge, microwave, kitchenette, dining area and hot water. Those who love kayaking will love the cabin since there is a private dock at Townline Lake. The patio provides a great platform to enjoy the setting sun and relax with a drink.

  • Cost:

  • Location
    : Lakeview, Michigan

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8 Picturesque studio

Visitors who want to access the city center bay town you won’t quickly go wrong with Quaint Studio in the downtown Bay Area. Lavish studio rentals offer unique hospitality that will leave guests in awe. Although the structure was built in the 19th century, the high ceilings, large windows, and modern amenities make the building a modern marvel. Guests will also appreciate the gourmet kitchen suitable for the dining needs of a couple or a group.

  • Cost:

  • Location:
    Bay City, Michigan

seven Spacious Family Loft

Visitors can enjoy this alluring getaway located in an accessible neighborhood of Detroit. They don’t need to cut themselves off from Michigan’s modern facilities to enjoy the natural features and scenery. The property is gigantic, with multiple beds in common areas, adding to the family experience. Providing an overwhelming open space is necessary for groups and families as it develops closer bonds throughout the stay. The loft is designed to be a social space with opportunities to play pool and throw darts.

  • Location:
    Detroit, Michigan

6 Tina’s One Bedroom Apartment

Couples looking for a romantic Michigan getaway will appreciate this quirky rental away from the bustle of the city. The apartment offers panoramic views of Grand Haven State Park. The apartment is well furnished and spaced out, as guests can sleep in a queen bedroom while accessing the entire rental. The internal services correspond to all the modern facilities that couples want for a comfortable stay. They include Wi-Fi, air conditioning, heating, toiletries, bathroom, washer and dryer. Services are complemented by a barbecue for roasting beef.

  • Cost:

  • Location:
    Grand Haven, Michigan

5 Grand Traverse Family Cottage

Families wanting a cozy rental around Grand Traverse Bay will appreciate this gem. The getaway is strategically located for guests to enjoy various features such as Michigan scenery, hiking trails, morning sun rays and sunset. The surrounding woods attract many species of birds such as seagulls, bald eagles and swans, providing an excellent outdoor experience for birdwatchers. Interior furnishings are sleek with modern touches, including soft linens and pillows on the beds.

  • Location:
    Town of Traverse, Michigan

4 Home by the lake

The Lake Pinckney house is a stylish getaway for families looking to spend time near a body of water. It is perfect for all water related activities including boating, kayaking, canoeing, swimming and fishing. Portage Lake provides access to the Great Lakes water system. The hosts will provide guests with the necessary navigation equipment, such as life jackets and solar boats. Many families enjoy sitting at the edge of the dock while stroking the surface of the water with their bare feet. The setting provides a tranquil environment that is calm and tranquil. At night you can enjoy astronomy by looking through the telescope.

  • Cost:

  • Location:
    Pinckney, Mich.

3 Nautical themed rental

Michigan is a diverse vacation destination that has something for everyone, including guests looking for a nautical experience. The nautical-themed Airbnb is perfect for visitors who want to escape the bustling city experience to enjoy more of nature and appreciate the beauty of the sky. The apartment is located along a gravel road isolated from all busy roads. The nautical themed rental offers some of the most fantastic bridge views in Michigan. The exterior is spacious, with plenty of room for a campfire where friends can roast marshmallows.

  • Cost:

  • Location:
    Suttons Bay, Michigan

2 Charlevoix Couple For Cottages

Couples on vacation who want to spend a romantic time in Michigan will appreciate what Charlevoix has in store for them. This couple’s rental is tiny but rustic. It is perfect for a private retreat as it offers comfortable interior services including themed wall decor and furnishings. This adds character to the rental and ensures guests enjoy every aspect of their stay. Being modestly removed from all major roads ensures customers can still shop every few days while keeping their belongings private.

  • Cost:

  • Location
    : Charlevoix, Michigan

1 Muskegon Bungalow

The Muskegon Bungalow is an elegant vacation rental just minutes from town. It can accommodate up to three people in its comfortable rooms. The interior spaces are designed for relaxed living and the dining room is carefully decorated for an extended stay. The rental includes antique furniture, a grandfather clock and trinkets. The house is surrounded by a flowery garden and has a koi pond. Visitors can also enjoy Père Marquette Beach during the summer as it is only a short drive away.

  • Cost:

  • Location:
    Muskegon, Mich.

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