15 Best Cabin Rentals in Ohio for Outdoors and Design Lovers

Straddling the border between the Midwest and the Northeast, Ohio is steeped in the culture of both American regions, but of course it is also home to its own quirks. For one thing, the Buckeye state flag is a triangular dovetail shape, the only non-rectangular flag in all 50 states. And it doesn’t stop there (like, for example, it’s full of awesome cabins and awesome mountain biking, hiking, and tons of other outdoor activities).

Although Ohio ranks 34th in total land area among its neighboring states, it is the seventh most populous, in part due to its three major metropolitan areas of Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland dotted diagonally from southwest to northern tips -east of the state. And while each city has its own unique flavor, they are all united by a love of sport. From the Cincinnati Bengals to the Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland Cavaliers and every other sports team in between, you have plenty of opportunity to catch a game and join the fiery Ohions as they present in number.

But if you’re planning on visiting Ohio to escape the crowds, there’s plenty to do outside of town, too. Ohio is home to four major outdoor recreation areas – the rolling hills of Appalachian Country along the state’s eastern border, the rural countryside of Amish Country to the northeast, lakeside beaches and holes Lake Erie fishing along the northern border; and the outdoor adventure of the Hocking Hills region in the southeast. These four regions are home to a handful of awe-inspiring cabin getaways, all united by a clear love of design and the outdoors.

Below, the best of the best to get you started on your next Buckeye adventure.

15 Best Ohio Cabins to Escape This Season

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