Cole Country Rentals named Ferron City Business of the Month


By Julie Johansen

City of Ferron recognized Cole Country Rentals as their Business of the Month for September. Mayor Adele Justice read a statement from the company as the Ferron city council meeting began on September 15.

The statement said, “We decided we wanted to provide rental equipment to residents of Ferron and those outside Ferron, knowing at the time that most people were renting from Richfield or Price. So starting an equipment rental seemed like a good idea. We have been leasing equipment for about a year now. It has been fun visiting the different clients and seeing what projects they are working on.

Cole Country Rentals currently has a tipper, mini digger, and dump trailer.

After the consent agenda was approved, Sherrie Swasey spoke to council during the public comment period regarding the cattle show’s desire to add an addition to the fairground pigsty. She also wondered about obtaining grants to be able to do so. This will be discussed again later.

Next, the cost to the city of viewing Great Life at the golf course was discussed. Kasey Edgehouse went on to speak about the drought, saying the fairways are not watered while the greens are very lightly watered. He also mentioned the need to overseed early next spring.

Edgehouse also said the turf was to be cut in March so it could be played in May by Memorial Day. It would be around $ 30,000 to $ 50,000.

Jeff Harbertson, after learning of the extra delay, was thinking about the service. A consultant could eventually enter into a long-term lease with the golf course still under Edgehouse. Great Life working with Edgehouse could provide business information on a cheaper scale and not yet seeking consulting fees. Profit from the price would go to the price until the price recovers. Great Life will draft a consultation agreement and email it to the city for review prior to the next council meeting.

Liz Nelson, a member of the city’s Planning and Zoning Council, said the council had introduced the addition of RV parks to the CC-1 zone. This would help the city to comply as it rents places on the fairgrounds which are not allowed in this area. She acknowledged opposition at last month’s meeting, but a change must be made or the city must stop renting these locations.

The discussion of changing the zoning of the fairground to H-1 led to trying to see if the activities there matched the requirements of the area. A lawyer will need to see if the connections have been around long enough to be authorized.

City Recorder is working with Stilson and Sons to initiate permission for a construction meeting for the fairground restrooms and adventure center. The environmental assessments of Jones and DeMille Engineering are good and are currently under investigation.

Then, the 2021 price list was adopted and it was recognized that this must be done annually. The Short Term Rental Ordinance was amended to read 600 feet away instead of the previous 300 feet.

Ferron Town Hall office staff requested the closure at 4 p.m. They said that traffic to the office was minimal for the past 1.5 hours each day. They will transfer the phones and work from home. The board has agreed and this change will be implemented in October.

The Peach Days 2021 event went very well but the Friday and Saturday events will be moved to the exhibition grounds. The city will also consider postponing the parade to the day.

Ordinance 2021-2 regulating the licensing and use of housing in the residential area for short-term rentals has been approved, but ordinance 2021-5 extending the area of ​​the H-1 motorway is deceased for lack of motion.

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