Companies are turning to vacation rentals for retirements

Company retreats are not a new concept, as companies have been meeting offsite for many years to discuss goals and objectives while hoping to boost company morale through team building activities. As remote and hybrid work schedules continue to be the norm, more brands are hosting corporate retreats and in-person get-togethers at vacation home rentals instead of renting entire floors of hotels or resorts, as has been the practice for many years.

According best team, a company retreat is a chance for employers to affirm company values ​​and speak more candidly about long-term goals. When employees are in a relaxed yet stimulating environment, it encourages creative thinking that can make a valuable contribution. When employees feel their mental health is a priority during a retirement, they feel more willing to contribute to company goals and expend more energy. A retreat also allows employers to learn more about their staff and how best to communicate with them in the workplace.


Over the past year, AvantStay, a pioneer in the short-term rental industry, has seen an increase in corporate retreat bookings for its homes across the country, a trend particularly strong in California.

  • AvantStay’s rise in corporate retreat bookings from 2019 to 2022 is 429%
  • Wellness, finance, technology and web3 companies are the most popular industries booking retreats and off-site
  • Companies such as Dolce Vita and Conviviality Ventures have hosted off-site retreats with AvantStay
  • The most popular market for offsite businesses is Coachella Valley, CA
  • The most popular off-site business houses are – Villa Verbena, Mesquite 38, buena vista, Polo Villas

AvantStay offers services for customers that include private in-home chefs, event planning services and unique partnerships to ensure supplies are at home. Vacation homes provide a more intimate setting, while corporate retreats allow colleagues to connect with colleagues, hang out and participate in training in a relaxed setting. Homes like AvantStay’s Polo Villas, a cluster of 11 homes located next to each other in the Coachella Valley, give brands the flexibility to book many nearby properties for larger group retreats.

“AvantStay was the perfect offsite choice that gave our team a chance to connect in a beautiful space that felt like home,” said an executive at Convivialité Ventures. “We had everything we needed such as high-speed wifi, screens and several rooms for breaks. Our concierge helped plan everything ahead of time, pre-stocked our fridge, and coordinated a private chef for a delicious group dinner. The entire retreat went smoothly and offered our organization a much needed reset and reunion.

Rosewood Washington, D.C.

In recent years, Rosewood Washington, DC has seen an increase in bookings for its townhouse accommodations for corporate retreats and meetings due to the amenities and services attendees receive. Groups who book the property’s townhouse accommodation are offered the elevated services of a luxury hotel, while being able to enjoy the unparalleled privacy, exclusivity and creative freedom demanded by a corporate retreat.

Located in historic Georgetown, Rosewood Washington, DC is a great place to stay for groups. The property features six stand-alone townhouses that provide an all-residential experience unavailable elsewhere in Washington, offering privacy paired with the same elevated guest services found when staying at a hotel. Each suite measures approximately 1,000 square feet and features private entrances, dedicated living areas, fully equipped kitchens, and private backyards. These accommodations have been frequently used for large group meetings, where a company will reserve two townhouses for the group – one for accommodation and one for the meeting or retreat. The property will then rearrange the townhouse for the meeting, conference room style, to accommodate a group of up to ten people. The group can arrange meals at the on-site restaurant, CUT by Wolfgang Puck.

Gabor L. Vida, Chief Executive Officer, says, “Over the past few years, as companies adapt their meeting planning and structure to fit today’s circumstances, we are seeing that the needs of meeting planners also evolve. Companies are looking for unparalleled luxury services while being able to offer participants the flexibility to work comfortably through various team building and scheduling needs. This is what makes Townhouses so successful for these types of retreats, and why we continue to see an increase in the number of companies booking multiple Townhouses. This year only we have booked these accommodations for 35 nights for corporate groups. We generally recommend groups use one townhouse for the meeting and another for accommodation, catering to the personal and business needs of the participant.

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