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There is a lot of speculation about the arrival of the popular anime character Naruto as a new skin in Fortnite, and here’s everything we know about it, including the possible release date of the skin.

Fortnite became known for its major crossovers, and Season 8 brought a plethora of exciting new skins such as Carnage, Venom, and characters from the Dune movie.

Other crossover skins were discovered by data miners from an Epic Games investigation, including a Naruto skin. It looks like the popular protagonist of the anime is on his way to the battle royale title.

Here’s everything we know about his arrival.

Fortnite Naruto skin release date

Some of the crossover skins teased in the investigation have arrived in the game, such as Lebron James and Ariana Grande. According to Fortnite leaker Shiina, Epic Games wants Naruto to be included in season 8.

While it was originally announced that it would be part of the Season 8 Battle Pass, it now looks like Naruto will appear in the Item Shop as DLC before the season ends on December 5, 2021.

Naruto confirmed for Fortnite?

Twitch broadcaster candywingx appeared at confirm the arrival of the Fortnite Naruto skin after meeting Epic Games’ Creative Director Donald Mustard. It has been hinted that they are discussing the future of Fortnite.

At first, the streamer made it seem like Naruto would be included in the Season 8 Battle Pass, but this was fixed later.

October 16, notable leaker HYPEX shared information about a new character with the codename ‘Headband’ which was added in update v18.20.

While details on this NPC are scarce, the code names often hint at the identity of the unknown character. This might hint at Naruto’s arrival since his headband is one of the most well-known parts of his design.

We could also see the arrival of other characters from the Naruto universe, like Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi.

Prominent data miner Shiina said the anonymous source who previously predicted both Ariana Grande’s concert and recent Suicide Squad skins claimed that Epic Games had acquired the rights to Naruto.

If Naruto makes it to Fortnite, the player base could increase dramatically, as the anime has a huge fandom stretching across the globe. It might even open the door to other anime crossovers like Dragon Ball.

It should be borne in mind that these are currently only leaks and Epic Games has yet to verify this information. So, it’s worth taking this information about a possible Fortnite Naruto skin with a grain of salt until they do.

Hopefully they will give us confirmation of the arrival of the Fortnite Naruto skin soon enough. We will continue to check for new developments and will be sure to update this article once we have it.

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Image Credit: Epic Games / Madman Entertainment / Viz Media / Manga Entertainment / Toei Animation

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