Jet ski rentals could revert to Oceanside Harbor

Jet ski rentals could revert to Oceanside Harbor after a hiatus of several years due to some incidents in which people have operated the craft in waves and on nearby beaches.

“They had a few issues where tenants would go out on their own, throw themselves into the waves and turn around,” Port Manager Ted Schiafone said. “It was too expensive for them.”

The Boat Rentals of America company continues to rent powerboats, electric boats, kayaks and paddleboards at the port. However, the demand for jet skis, a registered trademark of personal watercraft or similar equipment is enough for the company to want to take over those rentals, Schiafone said in a presentation at the Harbor and Port Advisory Committee meeting. Monday beaches.

To avoid problems, the rental company would have a specific area offshore where the watercraft would be permitted. In addition, a “pursuit boat” will monitor the rentals at all times, Schiafone said.

“We’re looking more at a guided excursion,” Kristin Breum, the company’s chief operating officer, said by phone Tuesday.

Details on where and when the trips were to be yet to be determined, she said: “It’s very preliminary… a concept of interest at this point.”

The company is licensed to lease the watercraft under the terms of its lease and does not need permission from the city to take over the business, Schiafone said. However, the decision was presented to the committee to seek members’ views on it. In addition, the company’s lease is due for renewal later this year.

“As long as they have a guide to keep them out of the surf line,” said Carolyn Krammer, committee member. “This is what puts people at risk.

Committee member Mike Cobas said he liked the idea of ​​Jet Skiers having a guide with them, but would prefer to have more information on how other locations monitor rentals before they go. ‘express an opinion on their recovery at Oceanside.

Other committee members said the craft may have flags on masts, like the flags on dune buggies, so they are easier to see from a distance. In addition, they recommended that the craft use a separate area of ​​the offshore space used by the canoeing club which is also based in the harbor.

The return of rentals could be a significant increase in the marina’s revenue, they added.

The entrepreneur, Boat Rentals of America, was established in 1992 and also rents personal watercraft in Newport Beach, Long Beach, and three lakes in Arizona. Two of these locations have traditional jet ski rentals.

Schiafone said Oceanside watercraft rentals could be ready in time for next summer’s vacation season.

The committee agreed that city employees would learn more about how other places handle rentals and come back with the information at a future committee meeting.

California Watersports, at Agua Hedionda Lagoon in Carlsbad, halted jet ski rental more than a year ago, apparently due to the high cost of insurance, an employee said.

The Carlsbad location continues to offer kayaks, paddleboards, pedal boats, and small power boats, including pontoons and a two-person “mini-boat” on the inner lagoon. There is no access to the ocean.

None of the other San Diego County lagoons allow boats or paddleboards, although watercraft rentals are available at Mission Bay in San Diego.

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