Lifeguards again feel they can no longer count on the lack of summer rentals in the area

THREE young lifeguards desperate to find accommodation in West Cork hope lightning strikes twice and a call in this newspaper will produce results.

Last year, the young women appealed for a short-term rental to avoid having to drive three hours a day home to Cork after a busy day protecting bathers on the beaches of West Cork.

A reader of The southern star had compassion for the women and provided them with a farm near a beach which proved perfect for their needs during the summer.

The rescuer who reached out The southern star again this year he said: ‘My friends and I are looking for a place to live in West Cork as we will be working as lifeguards around Clonakilty.

“The article you posted last year helped us a lot in finding accommodation, so we hope it will be the same this year because we can’t find anything at the moment.”

“There aren’t a lot of affordable options,” the UCC student said.

“Most are vacation rentals, which means they’re only available for two weeks, or are AirBnBs, and the prices are really high.”

Last year was the same day that The southern star came out that Maura Duffy, a mother of one of the women, phoned to confirm that the item had produced almost instant results.

The landlord and his wife contacted the kind offer and proved to be ‘extremely fair’ in setting a weekly rent.

Unfortunately, this property is no longer available.

Last year, Maura said she received three offers, including one from a woman who did bed and breakfasts, but said girls could have the rooms.

This meant rescuers were only a five-minute drive from work instead of being stuck in the car for three or more hours each day.

“The people of Clonakilty are proud of their rescuers and appreciate the work they do and wanted to see them properly,” Ms Duffy said.

Anyone with accommodation available to rent in June and July can call 086 3846159.

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