Pennsylvania Cabin Rentals: The 19 Best Places to Get Away

Pennsylvania might not be the first state on your outdoor adventure list, but it’s home to plenty of hidden landscapes and mountains to explore. With the Allegheny and Pocono Mountains covering much of the northeast, the Appalachian Mountains running through its center, Lake Erie in the highest northwest corner, the Laurel Highlands in the southwest, the Delaware River it’s the eastern border, and Philadelphia and Pittsburgh on either side of the state, PA packs a lot into its borders, and you’ll find plenty of Pennsylvanians who enjoy spending time exploring it.

Forests and state parks cover more than half the state, and the many lakeshores, rivers, reservoirs, and ponds are also popular places to relax. It doesn’t have the extreme outdoor sports culture of the West, but it does have a crack-open-a-cold-one-and-paddle-languidly-around-a-man-of-water-with culture. -friends, which is arguably just as rewarding.

All of this means that Pennsylvania cabin rentals are designed so you can enjoy nature and bask in the glory of simple pleasures, like a morning cup of coffee on the deck. And we’ve searched the internet to find you the nineteen best cabin rentals across the state where you can do just that. So whether you’re fleeing Philadelphia, New York, Pittsburgh, or another metropolis for the weekend, or just want some solitude, scroll through to find the perfect vacation home for your next Pennsylvania getaway.

The 19 Best Cabin Rentals in Pennsylvania

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