Prices of ski lifts, accommodation, catering and rentals

The Arizona Snowbowl in Flagstaff is open and the Sunrise Park Resort in the White Mountains will open on December 11 for the 2021-22 season. Now is a good time to think about hitting the slopes as both resorts have snowmaking capabilities and winter temperatures are expected to arrive in Arizona as early as this week.

New to skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities? Both resorts offer classes, a variety of activities, and plenty of food and accommodation options for your specific needs.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to Arizona’s two major ski areas.

Following:Arizona’s 2 biggest ski resorts announce opening dates

All about Arizona Snowbowl

Where is it: 14 miles northwest of Flagstaff in the San Francisco Peaks. 9300 N Snow Bowl Rd, Flagstaff.

Ski lifts and slopes: There are over 777 skiable acres at Snowbowl. According to there are 55 trails, 22% are for beginners, 43% are intermediate, 22% are considered advanced and 13% are considered expert trails. The longest ski slope is 3.2 km. This ski resort has 8 ski lifts (a high-speed detachable combination, a high-speed 6-seater chairlift, four fixed-grip chairlifts and two conveyor belts).

Natural parks : Want to practice your freestyle skills? Arizona Snowbowl is the place to be. There are three snow parks suitable for all levels.

  • Hart Prairie Start Park: This land has Low profile boxes and snow features for beginners and anyone looking to try their skills for the first time. There is a track with two chairlifts and two treadmills perfect for beginners
  • Garden on roll-up rail: Not a beginner? Take your skills to the next level with various small and medium rails. This snow park is accessible by the Grand Canyon Express elevator.
  • Park at sunset: This snow park is for customers with expert riding and freestyle skills. Features included technical jumps, rails, and other challenging terrain. Sunset is a common place for events and competitions.

Equipment rental and lessons: Arizona Snowbowl offers rental of ski boots, skis, poles, snowboards, helmets and ski bikes. Rental prices range from $ 18 to $ 65 and equipment can be booked online in advance or purchased in person on the day of your arrival. Rentals are not included in the course packages.

Arizona Snowbowl Ski & Ride School offers lessons for ages 4-12 and 13 and over, regardless of level. You can choose between group lessons or private lessons. Group lessons for kids range from $ 59 to $ 99 per person, while group lessons for teens and adults cost $ 69 per person. Do you want more personalized and targeted courses? Try a private lesson. A two-hour private lesson for ages 4 and up costs $ 249 while a six-hour private lesson for ages 8 and up costs $ 549

Lift tickets: Arizona Snowbowl ticket prices are based on date and demand. Daily lift tickets range from $ 39 to $ 95. Visit the Arizona Snowbowl website for desired dates. Season passes are available also available.

Free shuttle from Flagstaff: Take a free shuttle service from downtown Flagstaff and the Arizona Snowbowl. The first trip leaves at 7:30 a.m. Downtown Connection Center. The last bus leaves at 5:30 p.m. from Hart Prairie Lodge. The Mountain Express shuttle service will be available from December 26 to January 2.

Food and drink: There is a lot of On-site and take-out dining options at the Snowbowl. Customers also have the option of order online in advance and pick up their food.

  • Hart Prairie Lodge: Open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day. This place is available for take out or sit down meals. The menu includes a selection of pizzas, burgers, salads, sandwiches and soups. There is also a full bar. Hart Prairie Lodge offers a take out or table delivery service at the lodge.
  • Lodge Agassiz restaurant: Open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day. This restaurant is located at the highest elevation in Snowbowl. Customers can buy their food and drinks online and pick them up at the Agassiz Lodge restaurant or you can have your order delivered to the lodge.
  • 9,500 ‘bar: Open on site and take away every day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This restaurant serves tacos, draft beer and spirits. The 9,500 ‘bar is located on the patio of the Agassiz Lodge.
  • Base camp restaurant: Open for dinner Sunday to Thursday from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday to Saturday from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. Basecamp is located at the foot of Snowbowl Road and Highway 180.

Other attractions: Want to see breathtaking views from the peaks of San Francisco? Take a scenic gondola ride up to 11,500 feet. Round-trip trips cost $ 29 for all ages. Tickets must be purchased in line. The rides are available everyday from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily.

Accommodation: Base camp at Snowbowl is located at the foot of the mountain. Accommodation includes 18 cabins, six hotel-style rooms, a suit and a studio. Visit the Basecamp reservation site to see the prices: More place ? There are plenty of Airbnb hotels and rentals in Flagstaff to choose from.

COVID-19 policies: Physical distancing and wearing of masks is encouraged for all guests in dining rooms and in queues. The Mountain Line bus, from Flagstaff, requires all passengers to wear a mask. For Snowbowl, shuttles are encouraged. Passengers in gondola cabins may be asked to wear a mask if the gondola is operating at full capacity. For more information on Arizona Snowbowl’s COVID-19 policies, visit:

Details: (928) 779-1951,

Everything you need to know about Sunrise Park Resort

Where is it: On national road 273 between Hon-Dah and Greer. 200 highway 273


Ski lifts and slopes: There are over 1,200 skiable acres and the Sunrise Park resort. There are 65 pistes over three mountains and six ski lifts. 45% of the trails are for beginners, 28% are intermediate and 27% are advanced trails.

Natural parks : Sunrise Peak has rails and jumps for guests to improve their skills and tricks.

Equipment rental and lessons: You can rent ski or snowboard equipment packages. Prices vary according to age. Rentals are $ 5 more in person than online.

  • Adult ski package (13 years old and over): Skis, boots and poles for $ 40 per day.
  • Adult snowboard package: snowboard and boots for $ 45 per day.
  • Junior ski package (12 years old and under): Skis, boots and poles for $ 25 per day.
  • Junior snowboard package: Snowboard and boots for $ 30 per day.
  • Additional rentals: Helmets, snow pants, jackets each for $ 10 per day.
  • Visit Sunrise Park Resort Website for prices for rentals of several days:

Sunrise Park Resort offers junior group lessons for beginners (ages 7 to 12) and beginner lessons for teens and adults. The two-hour courses cost $ 159 online. The four-hour courses cost $ 279 online. These prices include equipment rental and ski lift tickets.

Not a beginner? You can improve the skills you already have with advanced group lessons. These lessons are aimed at intermediate and senior skiers and snowboarders. Two-hour lessons are available for $ 159 online. These lessons do not include the rental or the lift pass.

Four-hour ski bike course are also available at Sunrise Park Resort for $ 299.

Want a more individual lesson? Private lessons cost $ 139 for one hour and $ 249 for two hours.

All course packages cost an additional $ 10 if booked in person.

Lift tickets: The prices of the day passes vary according to age. Day passes range from $ 18 to $ 70 for day passes and $ 13 to $ 60 for half-day passes. Weekend and holiday prices also vary. Season passes range from $ 49 to $ 599 depending on the age group a guest belongs to. For more information on vacation prices and membership prices visit:

Food and drink: There are six dining options at Sunrise Park Resort.

  • Sunrise Day Lodge: Sunrise Day Lodge is an open cafeteria style restaurant.
  • Crown Dancer Cafe: Visit this take-out cafe on the mountain that offers specialty coffees, hot chocolate, smoothies, energy drinks and snacks. There is little cafe-style seating at this location.
  • Burrito Grange: Take a break on the slopes and grab a burrito. This location is only open for pickup.

Midway Lodge Cafe, Eagle Feather Lodge, and Apache Peak Lodge will open later in the season.

Other attractions: The Sunrise Park Resort offers night skiing from Christmas to New Years (December 26 to January 1), MLK Weekends (January 15 to 17) and President’s Day Weekend (February 19 to 21) . You can also go tubing or cross-country skiing. For more information on other winter activities at Sunrise Park Resort, visit:

Accommodation: Accommodation is available in Greer, Hon-Dah and Pinetop-Lakeside, 20-35 minutes away. Sunrise Park Lodge will reopen in January.

COVID-19 policies: All Sunrise Park Resort customers and employees are required to wear face coverings when inside Sunrise Park Resort premises. According to Sunrise Park Resorts’ COVID-19 policy, this requirement remains in place due to White Mountain Apache Tribe’s EOC requirements until further notice. Unvaccinated guests should maintain a physical distance of six feet from other guests in the resort at all times.

Details: (855) 735-7669,

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