Private pool rentals are booming as people continue to avoid crowded places


An alternative to crowded public places, the rental of private swimming pools in some Western countries has been booming since the summer of 2020. This summer, the phenomenon continues to gain ground and fans, driven by trends in staycations and local tourism.

In France, the deployment of the health passport requirement for public swimming pools is an additional factor contributing to their popularity.

In the summer of 2021, adults could be vaccinated, but not their children. Thus, the desire to avoid high traffic areas remains a key driver for booking summer activities – and this is where private swimming pool rentals come in. Leading in France is the Swimmy platform, which hosts hundreds of ads across the country, and has seen an increase in the number of bookings for small private oases since the entry into force of the national health passport.

“Since August 9, we have seen massive bookings,” explains Sarah Jamy, communications manager at Swimmy. A figure reaching up to 370 daily reservations depending on the platform.

Meanwhile, Swimply, present in 125 markets, recorded 61,000 bookings this summer compared to just under 37,000 in 2019, as reported by The New York Times. In 2020, it experienced 4000% growth and seems to be winning over more users and hosts in North America.

“We’re not in (the pool) all the time, so we’re sharing it with others, especially those who aren’t comfortable with public pools during the pandemic,” Mansoure told Journal de Montreal.

The attraction for such rentals started to grow with the first confinements of 2020. Rentals of outdoor or backyard spaces to celebrate events, birthdays, or simply to spend the afternoon with your feet in the water . The French platform Swimmy, for its part, recorded 16,000 reservations during the 2020 summer season.

“Since the Covid-19, there has been an upturn in activity,” explains the company’s communications manager. And this year, despite less than favorable weather in July, reservations are holding up at significant rates. Private swimming pools present an alternative to crowded beaches and activities requiring a health passport in the country.

As with platforms like Airbnb, rental between individuals brings together very diverse profiles. “Among the owners, we tend to have retirees, and on the tenants’ side, they are mostly young people. This leads to new encounters and exchanges between the generations, ”explains Sarah Jamy.

There are also all kinds of prizes. Depending on the pool and its location, count between 17 euros and 70 euros per person for half a day on a platform like Swimmy. Some owners have even renovated their garden, added a barbecue or an outdoor shower to make the environment more welcoming to guests.

Of course, in addition to intergenerational meetings, the system also offers new sources of income for owners. An argument put forward by Swimmy to attract new profiles because demand exceeds supply.

“We have 3,000 swimming pools for 158,000 tenants”, specifies Sarah Jamy, before adding that “last year, an owner earned up to 11,000 euros over the period June-September”.

Already established in France and Spain, Swimmy should soon extend its service to Italy and the United States. The goal for 2021? “Reach 40,000 reservations by the end of the summer.

As for Swimply, the application plans to extend its rental service for private swimming pools between individuals with the addition of a “Joyspace” tab: a space for renting sports fields and home studios between individuals. – AFP Relaxnews

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