REVEALED: Not all private rentals in six counties meet standards


All private rental housing in six counties inspected by a watchdog did not meet standards.

According to a report by the National Oversight and Audit Commission (NOAC), 100% of rental housing inspected in Waterford, Carlow, Laois, Kilkenny, Galway City and Cavan in 2020 did not meet regulatory standards.

The best compliance by far was reported in Monaghan, despite 55% of rental properties in violation of regulations.

The Housing Regulation (Standards for Rented Houses) requires landlords to adhere to specific standards, including providing a structurally sound and moisture-free property, as well as a secure supply of electricity and gas and ventilated rooms, among other stipulations.

The most homes inspected were in County Dublin South at 2,987, while Carlow inspected the least with just 113, followed closely by Cavan with 119.

The report notes that the number of homes non-compliant and then marked compliant after an inspection was 7,400, down from 9,326 in 2019.

Only 6.73% (or 22,517 properties) were inspected out of a total of 334,588 rentals registered in local authority areas. This represents a decrease of 9.93% compared to 2019.

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