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LETTER: Rules needed for short term rentals in Summerland

Summerland still does not have administrative rules governing the management of short-term rentals.

Mr. Editor:

As the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, the short-term rental properties are restarting and since there is such a facility behind me, the noise and smell of cannabis is drifting towards my open windows.

Although cannabis is legal, I don’t see why I should be subjected to the cannabis vapor that blows off my patio, rendering it unusable, as well as the increased noise level as tenants move in. smash.

It is disrespectful and reckless to residents who pay taxes in their permanent residences for short-term tenants to destroy the peace, quiet and livability of their neighborhood.

Why does the District of Summerland still have no bylaws governing the management of short-term rentals? Why?

Well, I believe it’s because no board member or staff has to live with the constant intrusion of not knowing their neighbors, the increased noise and now the smell of cannabis. Good for them, but not for me. I wonder how many other residents of Summerland have similar concerns?

Diana smith

Summer country

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