San Luis Obispo Wedding Rentals Service Releases Wedding Rentals Checklist

-Planning a wedding can be nerve-wracking and there’s always that lingering worry that something important isn’t on the list. All About Events, San Luis Obispo’s wedding rental service, recently released a checklist to help reduce some of those regrets and help the bride and groom and their wedding planner identify everything they need for a wedding. perfect.

The checklist focuses on furniture and supplies needed at the wedding venue for seating guests, reception, catering supplies, and all detailed and elegant necessities including china, glassware, cutlery, linens, lighting, even a choice of bars, dance floors and stages.

One of the most critical elements when planning a wedding is securing the perfect venue. The dates a venue is available may mean the wedding date has to change. Venue capacity will also influence the guest list, wedding dinner menu and even reception details.

It’s a smart planning strategy to review the rental options that are available early in the wedding planning process. Working with a full-service wedding rental company like All About Events of San Luis Obispo provides the versatility essential to ensure the wedding day is as perfect and romantic as the bride desires. All About Events is ready to provide everything for a beautiful wedding day except the bride and groom! Equipment and furnishings available include:

  • Tents in a wide range of sizes and styles to accommodate the entire wedding party, guests and wedding reception and dinner in any setting. All About Events also offers specialist glamping tents and accommodations for luxury experiences.
  • Furnishings including tables and chairs, special farmhouse furniture and a choice of bars.
  • Catering equipment and supplies, including serving dishes, beverage dispensers, warming ovens and a variety of portable stoves.
  • Crockery for elegant table arrangements including everything from china, glassware, cutlery and elegant linens.
  • Dance floors and stages for guests to have fun dancing and for a DJ or other entertainment.
  • Special touches such as lighting, temperature controlled umbrellas and a variety of other amenities for the comfort and enjoyment of the wedding party and guests.

To make the choices easier, the San Luis Obispo Wedding Hire Team has created an online “Look Book” with beautiful photographs of the many choices available in their Hire Gallery. To make planning the wedding, or any other event, easier, start with the “Look Book” on the company’s homepage to fully understand the robust choices, then decide:

  • What kind of tents or other outdoor shelter is needed?
  • What are the furnishing preferences?
  • What are the preferences for the dishes?
  • What are the preferences for catering equipment and serving dishes?
  • What style of dance floor is best for the reception?
  • What is the best stage for the DJ or other entertainment?

All About Events’ event experts work with wedding coordinators, caterers, event planners, corporations and individuals to ensure that all party and event needs are tastefully met. The installation team arrives in time to make sure everything is in place and are there after the party is over to tear everything down and remove everything. The experienced team is ready to answer all your questions and recommend the best rental supplies for the event. A top choice for Central Coast weddings and events, the team’s familiarity with the many venues in the area ensures that all rental needs will be met with the most appropriate supplies, equipment and furnishings for the event. ‘opportunity.

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