Short-term rentals, noise ordinance in front of Boone City Council in recent meetings | Local News

BOONE — Before Boone City Council changed hands on Dec. 14, several items were discussed at recent City Council meetings.

One of the most important items before City Council at its Dec. 8 meeting was revising the city’s short-term rentals ordinance to regulate whole-home rentals.

The amendment regulates whole-home rentals, meaning homeowners will no longer be allowed to rent out their entire home through a service like AirBNB, for example. The ordinance still allows the entire house to be rented for up to two weeks per year. The ordinance allows homestay rentals, which means community members can rent a room in the house through a service like AirBNB during their stay.

The amended order will come into effect on June 30, 2022, with additional time to come into compliance.

Boone City Manager John Ward said city staff would consider hiring a company that specializes in all aspects of short-term rentals with respect to identification, communications, permits and leasing. application of the new ordinance. Ward said using this company will require a budget amendment that will need to be sent back to the board for final approval.

At the Dec. 8 special meeting, city council also approved an amendment to an ordinance to create regulations for accessory solar power systems and primary electric vehicle charging stations, Ward said.

The council also approved an amendment to modify the Unified Development Ordinance to comply with Sessional Law 2021-138, which ensures that a municipality can no longer criminalize violations of certain local ordinances, including zoning and development ordinances.

At the October 19 meeting, the board approved the creation of a human relations commission. The objective of the commission will be to promote and improve human relations and equity among all citizens of the city. According to the city, the commission will work with city government and partner with communities and outside agencies to encourage and ensure diversity, equity, fairness and inclusion throughout the city. town.

The commission will have multiple powers and functions, including serving as an advisory council to the municipal council, studying and recommending strategies for the prevention of potential human relations problems and for the promotion of good relations.

The city also voted at the October 19 meeting to rename the Jones House lawn Mayor Brantz Park after discussions with the community following the council’s initial vote to rename the park on North Street after the mayor.

At the November 16 meeting, council voted to change the noise ordinance to note that, rather than receiving four warnings, a business or individual would receive two warnings in a 12-month period for violating the noise ordinance before receiving a citation.

The city council also discussed the current emergency order and the mask mandate, but ultimately felt it should maintain the current state of the emergency order and leave it to the next council.

The council then approved the citywide jurisdictional agreement for the App State Police. With the renewal of the agreement, App State Police has the ability to operate outside of the App State campus 1.) in further investigation of a crime that occurred on campus 2.) if a crime occurred in the presence of an App State Police officer who posed an immediate threat to the public welfare 3.) at the express request of the Boone Police Department.

Boone Police Chief Andy Le Beau said at least two situations have occurred where App State Police came across an active situation and made an arrest while the deal was in place. Le Beau also said there were more than a dozen times Boone Police had asked App Police for help with various incidents.

The council approved the citywide jurisdiction renewal in a 3-2 vote, with Sam Furgiuele and Dalton George voting against due to concerns about liability for non-Boone employees.

The council also approved a resolution honoring Dr. Ronald J. Stanley for establishing Arborcrest Gardens and an honorary designation of Rivers Street as Chancellor Dr. John E. Thomas Thruway.

The new council, which met for the first time and was sworn in on December 14, will next meet in January.

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