Short term rentals to be reviewed by Point Beach Council

POINT PLEASANT BEACH, NJ — Residents of Point Pleasant Beach raised their concerns with Borough Council about the increasing number of short-term rentals at the last council meeting.

John Dixon, a former council member, who resides on Niblick Street, explained during the public part of the meeting that the vast majority of the houses around him were houses used for short-term rentals, bringing people who are only in town. have a good time and don’t care about the city or the people who live there.

“We’re inundated with these Airbnbs and vacation rentals by owners. It’s changed the whole atmosphere,” Dixon said at the meeting.

“These Airbnbs are not one-week rentals, they’re two-week rentals, a lot of them are three days at a time, four days at a time, and it’s a constant revolving door of people coming in. in the neighborhood. They’re here to have a good time, they’re loud and they don’t care what the neighbors think.”

Mayor Paul Kanitra agreed with Dixon’s sentiment, saying the borough is considering handling these short-term rentals. If there is sufficient demand, an order limiting short-term rentals will be considered.

“We (the council) asked the (police) chief before the summer to make sure we followed up on calls to different homes whether they were short-term rentals or full-time homes because it’s It was one of the things we wanted to look at. It’s the short-term rental homes that have disproportionate problems compared to full-time homes,” Kanitra said.

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