Summit County offering cash incentives for long term rentals

To be eligible for the program, landlords must currently have a short-term rental license and sign a lease with someone working in Summit County.

SUMMIT COUNTY, Colorado – Summit County and the City of Breckenridge have started paying some homeowners who take their places on sites like Airbnb or VRBO and put them up for long-term rentals instead.

The county said it hopes cash incentives will contribute to the housing shortage for local workers in those areas.

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Since there is an inventory of short-term rentals available, the county has said converting a portion into long-term housing is one of the most viable solutions to closing the gap.

“The Lease to Locals pilot program is an important part of our overall housing strategy to meet the need for affordable housing in the county,” said Commissioner Tamara Pogue. in a press release on the program. “We know this is a problem we cannot get out of. We hope that through a collaborative effort with members of our community and landlords, we can have a positive impact on the availability of housing for the workforce in time for the winter season.

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Landlords can earn up to $ 13,000 for a six-month seasonal lease and up to $ 24,000 for a long-term lease with the highest payments in the first 45 days of the program.

To be eligible for the program:

  • A property must be located in Unincorporated Summit County or the Town of Breckenridge and must be a legally licensed short-term rental unit.
  • The landlord must submit an application, sign a lease with eligible tenants, and go through lease audits to ensure they are in compliance.
  • Qualifying tenants must work at least 30 hours per week for an employer based in Summit County.

Property managers can also earn money under the program for units they manage but do not own.

The county is currently expected to run out of nearly 2,600 long-term rental units of what would be needed to house local workers by 2023, the statement said.

The county said it plans to pay to convert 100 properties this winter and extend the program to summer 2022.

To learn more about the Lease to Locals program or to request an incentive payment, visit or call (970) 406-4519.

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