The 17 Best Cabin Rentals in Black Hills, South Dakota 2022

With the dramatic terrain of Wyoming and Montana directly to the west and the plains of Minnesota farther east, the midwestern state of South Dakota has its own dynamic landscape that may not be on your radar. , but it should!

The vast majority of South Dakota’s outdoor recreation and bustling cities are clustered in a corridor at the western end of the state. Most notably, the remarkable Black Hills National Forest, a diverse area that spans 110 miles long and 70 miles wide abounds with aspen, ponderosa pines, canyons, lakes, and dramatic jagged mountain peaks. With three different mountain ranges – Elk Mountains, Bear Lodge Mountains, and the largest, Black Hills – it’s a popular destination for outdoor adventures like hiking and camping, rock climbing, mountain biking, and more. Believe it or not, there is also skiable terrain there. There are also many great vacation rentals.

And if you’re into that sort of thing, the Black Hills are also home to Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial, as well as the historic mining towns of Custer and Deadwood that still echo with whispers of “there’s gold in those Hills “. .” Take a short drive east and you can easily visit the incredible Badlands National Park, famous for its fossil-filled layered sandstone and mixed grasslands.

Prior to statehood, it was Dakota Territory, inhabited by Sioux tribes, until the greed of the 1800s Gold Rush, wars, and railroad construction drove them in reserves that still exist today. Fortunately, the area has begun to grapple with its cruel history and more efforts are being made each year to celebrate its Native American heritage.

The best time for a holiday in the Black Hills depends on your choice of thrills (for example: motorbike enthusiasts flock every early August for the Sturgis Rally…if that’s not your case, best to avoid) . Enjoy hiking, biking, and paddling in the warmer months by visiting between May and October. For the best skiing, yes, skiing, visit during the winter months to experience the prodigious and often unexpected snowfall of Terry Peak.

Where and when you go, if you’re planning to venture into the Midwest, here are 17 of the best cabin rentals in Black Hills in the beautiful state of South Dakota.

17 Best Black Hills Cabin Rentals to Explore and Enjoy

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