These are the best rentals of “the most beautiful vacation rentals in the world”


If you’ve seen “The World’s Most Beautiful Vacation Rentals” then you know these are some of the world’s best destinations.

There are over millions of vacation rentals around the world, and Netflix’s “The World’s Most Beautiful Vacation Rentals” has brought us some of them. They come in different shapes and sizes as well as various architectural styles. From the most economical properties to the most luxurious rentals that tourists can discover.

Let’s sum up “the most beautiful vacation rentals in the world” with the list below.

ten Butterfly Camaya Bali, Bali Indonesia

Camaya Bali Butterfly is located in Made village of Selat, Bali, Indonesia. It has two bedrooms, a bathroom and can accommodate up to 4 people. With its unique architectural design – of the floor, walls, staircase and ceiling – this open-air cabin would provide tourists with a peaceful vacation. Visitors also enjoy the view while lounging in their private jacuzzi located directly in front of the house. Book this wonderful place through Airbnb.

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9 Old House Cay, South Carolina, United States

Afraid of private islands because of their cost? “The world’s finest vacation rentals” have found the private island perfect for a budget. Located on a secluded island in Hilton Head, South Carolina, is a private rental perfect for families. It has three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms and can accommodate up to six people. Tourists can also enjoy the fire pit right in front of the house and the beautiful observation tower while watching the sunset and resting.

8 Lucky Ranch, Pyha, Finland

Located in Pyha, Finland, specifically in the remote region of Northern Lapland, are the 2-5 one-bedroom seasonal igloos. In the summer this place is a popular resort, but the owner builds the igloos by hand in the winter. Each igloo can accommodate up to 4 people; the bathrooms and kitchen are located in a neighboring resort building. It is very affordable and economical, every penny is worth it as anyone can get a chance to see the beautiful Northern Lights.

7 Quetzalcoatl nest, Mexico, Mexico

Out of this world, a nature-inspired sculpture garden is located in Mexico City, Mexico. It has incredible landscaped gardens, a reflecting pool and a greenhouse. The centerpiece of this place is a building in the shape of a snake. It consists of 10 apartments, the 2 of which are vacation rentals. The 2,200 square foot apartment has five bedrooms, four bathrooms and can accommodate up to 8 people. Everything about this place is so amazing.

6 Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, Jaspar, Arkansas

Beckham Cave is one of the most luxurious caves in the world located in Jaspar, Arkansas, in the Ozark Mountains. This luxury rental was built inside a real cave, consists of 4 bedrooms with private bathrooms and can accommodate 12 people. It is completely isolated and has a private helipad. Tourists can also find a natural Spanish piano waterfall inside. Every corner of this spectacular and luxurious cave exudes a special ancient feeling.

5 Kulaniapia Falls, Hilo, Hawaii

Located in Hilo, Hawaii is a farmhouse with three one bedroom rental cabins. Each cabin can accommodate at least two people and starts at a very affordable price per night. They have a common kitchen and living room, which can be seen in their beautiful barn. What excites all tourists visiting this place is the private 120ft waterfall to enjoy the extreme activity. Never miss this chance and visit Kulaniapia Falls with your friends and family for an adventure.

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4 Hale ‘Ae Kai, Kauai, Hawaii

Inspired by flowing Balinese design, this luxurious Hawaiian rental features four villas, six bathrooms, and sleeps eight. Tourists can indeed have access to the secret beach opposite, with views of the Na Pali coast, Hanalei Bay and the magnificent Kilauea Lighthouse. Of course, this large residence would not be complete without the swimming pool as the centerpiece of the four pavilions. This luxurious place is located on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii. The landscape that this large estate offers is breathtaking.

3 Invisible House, Joshua Tree, California

Hidden away in the Joshua Tree Wilderness, California is one of the unique designs of modern homes. The exterior is the reflective exterior, where it blends in with the desert landscape, and the interior is where tourists can see a 100-foot-long swimming pool and panoramic views. It consists of 4 bedrooms, five bathrooms and can accommodate up to eight people. The collection is heated with solar panels and also keeps the house heated. Everything about this place is so modern and so futuristic. It would be one of the sexiest vacation rentals you can experience.

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2 Long Bay Villas, Anguilla, Caribbean

Long Bay Villas is a magnificent property consisting of 3 separate beachfront villas. Each villa has an infinity pool, five bedrooms, five bathrooms and spacious outdoor showers. The property has a private resort feel as it includes a butler, beach bungalow, and gym. Don’t miss out on horseback riding by the sea and enjoy the moment. These luxurious beach villas are located in Anguilla in the Caribbean.

1 Canoe Cove, Leavenworth, Washington

This excellent budget property on Lake Wenatchee in Leavenworth, Washington is a comfortable three-story lakefront cottage with two bedrooms where tourists can have a view of the waters from every room. It also has a bathroom and can accommodate up to 6 people. Several amenities can be found here, such as a sauna, hot tubs, and kayaks. It is also the best place to spend some time alone in the meditation corner to take a moment and connect with nature.

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