Town of Innisfil Hosts Virtual Short-Term Rental Meeting

The Town of Innisfil is seeking to develop policies and bylaws to oversee short-term rentals like AirBnB’s after years of concerns from residents.

“It tends to be noise, nighttime activities in a quiet setting, sometimes there are worries about litter and that sort of thing, and parking,” explained Leo Deloyde, Town of Innisfil.

The city’s current licensing regimes and zoning regulations are overtaken by the recent growth of short-term rental properties, which have become increasingly popular with the help of social media.

The city will host a Wednesday night virtual public meeting regarding short-term accommodation.

City Council directed staff to review zoning provisions, develop a licensing by-law and implement a 4% municipal lodging tax.

The bylaw would give the city the power to introduce a demerit point system for such disturbances, which could result in the loss of a homeowner’s license.

If approved, the new regulations will be phased in, with the first set of rules taking effect July 1.

Short-term accommodation is residential accommodation rented to others on a temporary basis, usually less than 28 nights.

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