Township of Howell passes new law banning short-term Airbnb rentals

Complaints from neighbors in the Township of Howell helped pass a new law banning short-term Airbnb-style rentals and backyard swimming pools.

The township became the last of a growing number of communities to pass similar ordinances, following massive celebrations in The Brick and Jackson.

The new ordinance puts an end to any rental of less than 90 days. Games are usually announced online. In the cases seen in northern Ocean County, hundreds of people show up and overwhelm local law enforcement – leaving garbage and angry neighbors behind.

A ban on the rental of household equipment is also attached to the ordinance, such as backyards, cabanas and swimming pools, following similar measures taken in neighboring towns.

Earlier this week, the council unanimously passed the measures. Deputy Mayor Thomas Russo says they owe it to those who choose to live, work and raise families in Howell.

“There were a lot of cars parked in these neighborhoods,” Russo says. “Lots of people on the front lawns and in fact this was having an impact on the quality of life for our residents.”

A neighbor says she feels bad for people who legitimately use Airbnb, but sees why these actions were needed after the summer.

Any owner who violates the ordinance will be liable to increased penalties.

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