Your Ride Rentals by Dudley Frederick is for young people

Anyone who has interacted with Dudley Frederick knows he is the ultimate go-getter. From starting his own cleaning business in the United States called Jet Sweep to making investments, this young entrepreneur is pushing the boundaries of entrepreneurship.

He founded a new company called Your Ride Rentals two weeks ago, and it’s been a hit since its inception. The new venture targets young people between the ages of 18 and 25, who were previously unable to rent vehicles due to age restrictions of 25 or older.

“I started this business because I noticed that every time someone wanted to rent a vehicle they had to be 25 years old, which means if you’re 18 to 24 you can’t use a vehicle which isn’t yours from a company. I thought that was so ridiculous. You’re leaving this whole market and serving people 25+ who most likely already have their own vehicle. The reality is that young people 18 or 20 year olds are always the ones who want to go out and file with their friends and don’t own a vehicle, so I found the solution to cater to those people.

Your Ride Rentals has been fully booked since its inception. Vehicles can be accessed from anywhere on the island and delivered to your location. Dudley took to Facebook to thank his customers for their overwhelming response.

“We started YOUR RIDE company 2 weeks ago and it’s been booked ever since! And just growing. It’s an honor! Thank you so much guys. Love, love, love, love, love you all. Thank you for your support!”

Frederick encourages young entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and find solutions to societal problems.

“Anyone who wants to start a business, go for it. If you start a business just for the money, you will fail. Sit down, look around, find a problem in society and make a business around the problem and the money will come to you. Business involves a lot of risk. We got a lot of emails saying the people we use are inexperienced, but I don’t care. I simply run my business because with high risk comes great rewards. We were booked from day one and booked through Nov 2.”

You can book a vehicle with Your Ride Rentals by emailing [email protected] or follow them on Instagram @yourrideslu

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